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Mattress Cleaning Phoenix

Has Your Mattress Ever Been Cleaned?

Mattress Cleaning Mattresses contain dust mites, dead skin, oils, and even harmful bacteria. Which can build up over time on your mattress. Causing stains, odor, and unhealthy sleeping conditions. You spent almost a third of your life sleeping in bed. You clean the bed sheets weekly, so why not your mattress? For peace of mind and a well-rested, healthier sleep let our mattress cleaning services take care of you. For that deep down clean feeling all night long.

Protect your Mattress After Cleaning:

As an option Pinnacle Cleaning Services offers a great mattress protection sealer. By sealing your mattress you will help protect your mattress in between cleaning intervals. Mattress sealing will also keep dirt, build-up, and liquids from embedding it self into the fibers of your mattress, assisting in stain protection, and improves the performance of regular dusting/vacuuming.

Pinnacle Cleaning Services recommends having your mattresses professionally cleaned every 24-36 months.